Research Approach:

"I am a Physical Geographer interested in the links between Earth's surface morphology and Quaternary environmental change. More specifically, I am fascinated by our ability to "read" into landscapes, and explore the links between the Earth's surface morphology, and the physical processes that are shaping it. For this purpose, the wide range of landforms and sediments serve as pieces in a puzzle, which illustrates the dynamic changes the surface of our planet is undergoing over timescales longer than human perception. Reconstructing past landscapes thus holds the key to understanding interactions between human impact, climatic changes and the Earth's surface."

See also: International Innovation 183: 74-75 [pdf]

1. Southern Hemisphere Quaternary paleoenvironments
   (with particular focus on South America and Australia)
2. Sediments, landforms and late Quaternary evolution of alluvial fans
3. Geomorphology of foreland fluvial systems and megafans
4. Paleosols in the Quaternary stratigraphic record
5. Human-environmental interactions and geoarchaeology
   (with particular focus in pre-Columbian tropical South America)
6. Remote sensing , satellite imagery and our planet from space ...